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Wallock Fixed

So we have two ranges of products … Wallock Fixed which is our online store and then Wallock Premium which requires one of our registered Wallock agents to install.


We started with Wallock Premium and then thought it would be a brilliant idea to give our customers the opportunity to buy easy DIY storage options. Sometimes the space just requires, other times the wallet does.


Following on the success of the Wallock Premium panel mounted storage system we were extremely excited to announce the launch of the new Wallock Fixed range. Wallock Fixed has a similar range of sporting racks but does not require professional installation teams or the upfront investment in the wall panels.

Wallock Premium

The Wallock Flex system is installed at your home by our expert teams of factory approved agents. With the Modular Wallock Flex option you make an upfront investment in our unique wall panels which then allow you endless options to quickly and easily clip in, add and move any of our bespoke accessories.